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'My Local Club'


Every potential member, on visiting our  club  'The Ringwood Wood Carvers' , after having been introduced to all the members present on that particular evening, is given a small block of Lime approximately 5 inches x 5 inches x   3/4 inch. ( Lime is the prefered wood for beginners as it is reasonably easy to work with).


They are then sent off out into the tree lined car park to find a leaf.

On returning to the club room, the outline of the leaf is penciled onto the block of wood and the veins and stem are also drawn onto the pattern.

One of the more experienced members  then demonstrates how to use the three main tools that are recommended  for beginners.   The three tools are: a 'V' tool, a 'Gouge' and a 'Skew' chisel.   


After the demonstration the  new member is generally left to  get the feel of the tools and start the carving as best they feel  able to in full knowledge that they can seek guidance from any other member if and when they need it.


This first carving, as can be seen in the image   above, is in relief, not in the round as a statuette would be.



045-1 JETHRO JPG.jpg
048-1 THE WALKERS JPEG copy.jpg
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